Looking to create an event that will be the envy of all others? Look no further! Our team has the skills and expertise to turn any occasion into an unforgettable experience that will be talked about for years to come. Browse through our comprehensive information guide to learn everything you need to know before booking your next event with us. Let us help you make your event the talk of the town!



Getting to know the party musicians in your live band.
  • It began in Manchester

    John Cooper Band first performed live music together at the World Snooker Final, wowing crowds and sharing the stage with World Champion Mark Selby and Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain. Years later here we are and better than ever. Get in touch with us now.

    Manchester party musicians wedding musicians John Cooper live band performing live music
  • Manchester Wedding Musicians Party Musicians

    John Cooper Band comprises of professional wedding musicians party musicians and skilled entertainers from Manchester and are a usually a 4-piece live band for hire – drums, bass, piano, guitar & 2 singers. Sometimes we bring a 5th member to bulk up large-scale events presence.

    Manchester party musicians wedding musicians John Cooper live band performing live music
  • Manchester Live Band Live Music

    John Cooper Band will help you achieve your event entertainment goals because our services cater to such a diverse range of event styles and themes. Hiring a live band with a passion for performance and dancefloor-driven music is a sure-fire way to make your event memorable.

    Our impeccable reputation and highly skilled wedding musicians and party musicians are a testament to the quality we offer and your guests will continue to remember your amazing event for years to come.

  • Wedding Musicians from Manchester

    John Cooper Band has one of the most diverse and extensive repertoires on the cover band scene of over 500 songs from which to choose so be assured you will have great music for everyone.

    To view our list of songs, please CLICK HERE

  • We are wedding musicians and party musicians

    We are more than happy for you to pick which songs from our repertoire are played, but we do prefer to be left to decide the order in which they are played. It is usually best if you let us know any songs you definitely DO or DON’T want rather than a hard and fast list that we feel obliged to not deviate from should the mood require it.

    To view our list of songs, please CLICK HERE

  • Anything’s possible. When it come to live music, we are a live band happy to consider learning a song for you such as a first dance or birthday song. At the time of booking please let us know if there is a particular song you would like us to consider learning so we have enough time to learn it well.

  • Here at John Cooper Band, we do our absolute best to be as competitive as possible. We ask that you get in touch with us to request a quote for your event so we can give you our fee. We have to account for a few variants (travel, dates, size of venue, PA requirements), therefore we do not have a ‘fixed’ price. That said, our prices do start from £750.00.

    In the meantime here are a few ballpark figures:

    02 January – 31 March | £750.00

    01 April – 31 August | Sunday – Thursday £850.00 | Friday – Saturday £950.00

    01 September – 30 November | Sunday – Thursday £750 | Friday – Saturday £850.00

    01 December – 30 December | £950.00 (excluding Christmas Eve)

    Christmas Eve / Christmas Day / New Year’s Eve / New Year’s Day  £1250.00

    Public Holidays incl. Bonfire Night | £1100.00

  • Our standard payment terms are as follows:

    • £100 non-refundable deposit to secure the date.
    • If you cancel John Cooper Band within 30 days of your event date we will charge 50% of the original total fee on top of the deposit.
    • If you cancel John Cooper Band within 7 days of your event date we will charge 100% of the original total fee on top of the deposit.

    [for example. if your event fee is £1000.00 and you have paid a £100.00 deposit, and you cancel within 30 days of your event date you will be charged £500.00 so the total would be £600.00. If you cancel John Cooper Band within 7 days of the event we will charge 100% of the original agreed total fee so the total would be £1100.00)

    We also offer a payment plan which allows you to spread the entire cost of the booking into 4 equal payments between the date of confirmation and up to 7 days before the event. These are completely interest-free and because it’s a payment plan rather than credit, it doesn’t require a credit search or affect your Experian rating. This needs to be agreed in advance and full payment cleared 7 days prior to the event date.

  • You can pay your balance by card, bank transfer, or cash on the day.

  • Due to the nature of our business, we only play a handful of public gigs each season. Please visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to be informed of any upcoming public gigs. We are generally in and around Manchester so give us a call and we can arrange a viewing for you if possible.

    wedding musicians party musicians live band
  • You can request this documentation at any time. PAT testing is always up to date and our PLI runs at £10m.



Things you should expect from wedding musicians

  • We typically require a performance area with a minimum measurement of 5 meters in width and 4 meters in depth. However, if space is limited, we can manage with a minimum area of 4 meters in width and 3 meters in depth.

    We have performed in various venues, including manor houses, hotels, barns, marquees, arenas, ballrooms, and intimate clubs. Hence, we are skilled in utilising the available space efficiently.

  • Every element of a live band’s equipment draws power, including amps, speakers, lighting, and haze. All of these elements contribute to the total power usage.

    Our band’s electrical requirements are modest, and we can comfortably perform in smaller venues using one 13A ring main split across a few sockets. However, it would be ideal if we could divide the power between multiple ring mains to reduce the load on individual sockets.

    Our band member Dan who is a qualified electrician always carries out a thorough power inspection upon arrival, ensuring that we operate safely and efficiently. For larger venues, we prefer 16A outlets if possible, but we can still function using multiple 13A ring mains.

    We prioritise safety and efficiency in our electrical setup, and we are always willing to work with venue staff to ensure that we have the power we need to put on a great show.

    To ensure that ample power is available for a venue with more than 500 people, we recommend a top-end draw of around 5000 watts. However, a minimum of 1200 watts is required to meet the power needs of the space. As a general rule, allocating 10 watts per person in the venue should be sufficient.

  • The success of your event hinges on several factors, such as the size of your venue, the accessibility of the performance area, and your lighting and PA preferences. We have had the honour of performing at many venues across the UK, which gives us an edge in anticipating your unique needs. However, we are committed to going the extra mile to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Therefore, we will visit your venue before the big day to assess everything, so that we can be better prepared to deliver a memorable performance.

    After arrival, we’ll unload vehicles, set up the performance area, and do a brief soundcheck – all within 60 minutes.

  • Absolutely! While it’s true that noise limiters are not perfect, we understand that more and more venues are installing them to maintain a peaceful environment for surrounding neighbors. However, we are well equipped to deal with this situation and can adjust the equipment we bring to suit a venue with a noise limiter. So, if you inform us in advance about your event, we can ensure that everything runs smoothly, and the sound level is kept at a reasonable limit.

  • party musicians John Cooper Band

    Our standard performance time is 90 minutes with a break in the middle. However, if you would like us to extend our playing time, we do offer this option for a small additional charge. Kindly let us know at the time of booking if you would like to avail this option.

  • We are more than happy to learn a song for you such as a first dance or your favourite song for your birthday. At the time of booking please let us know if there is a particular song you would like us to consider learning as we need time to rehearse.

  • Yes, we can! Please give us a list of songs you want and also songs you do not and let us do the rest. Most clients are happy to put their own Spotify playlists through our PA from a device, and this is our preferred method and it saves you money by not hiring a DJ.

    If you do have Spotify playlists for example, please share them with us in advance so we can download them properly and seamlessly integrate into your event and get the music playing without hassling you whilst you are trying to enjoy your time.

  • UK-wide and internationally. Please remember that travel time is BOTH WAYS.

    A travel time of 75 minutes or less each way from M3 4LG (Deansgate, Manchester City Centre), is included in our rate.

    If the event is between 76 and 120 minutes of travel time each way from M3 4LG, we charge an extra £30.00 for fuel.

    If the event is more than 121 minutes of travel time each way from M3 4LG, in addition to the £30 above, we then charge £50 per 100 miles and will require local accommodation charged @ £60/head (x4).



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